iPhone OS 3.0 is coming, preview on March 17th

Posted at 1:37 am

Not sure exactly when the iPhone OS 3.0 will arrive but in true Apple style they will pre-release information with an announcement on March 17th so sure there will be a lot of buzz happening on the day in a way that will have everyone salivating…but what will these new features be.

Here is a few simple things on my wish list:

1. A video recorder

2. Ability to forward text messages

3. Ability to send MMS messages

4. A bit more techie here but I want Apple to give an app developer the users mobile number when they download. I know everyone will be saying NOOOO..we don’t want SPAM but its much harder to send SPAM on mobile and not get caught and also more expensive for the sender so I don’t think this will
be a big problem.

5. Again techie but the ability for an iphone developer to generate and send a text message from within an app.

These are all pretty basic features but that’s why they work and I miss them so much from other phones…anyone else have a feature they want included?

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