About Me

It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was involved in my first mobile marketing campaign in Sydney back in August 2000!

The application and execution was a fairly simple promotion in one of Sydney’s premier bars and sponsored by a leading beer brand. Patrons of the bar were enticed to text their answer to a simple question displayed on a couple of (not so well positioned) TV screens in order to win a flashing badge bearing the beer brand and other merchandise!!…there is a lot to be said for keeping it simple in the mobile world!!

8 years later with lots of trial and error up my sleeve, I have never been more excited about the future role mobile will play within all aspects of a person personal & business life.

The combination of text/browser based mobile services being launched to the consumer, new ‘useriffic’ devices (yes made up word) like the iphone, gphone & Blackberry Storm etc, App stores which enable easy user discovery and download (not to mention a real financial payment model) and faster carrier networks and/or wifi capability are finally enabling mobile to deliver what was ‘potential opportunity’ into ‘real value & measurable results’

There are more people in the world with mobile phones than computers and mobile internet usage will grow exponentially with more and more adoption. In a few short years you will be wondering how you ever survived without your mobile ‘remote control’

I specialize in creating & executing mobile social media strategies for entertainment, media, information, lifestyle and online businesses and break my skill set into 3 functions:

1. Education – I assist businesses understand the mobile landscape & eco-system with interactive
workshops on-site at their premises.

2. Strategy – Armed with industry information, I work with businesses to build their short and long term
plans to mobilize all aspects of their business.

3. Execution – Using the agreed strategy and my detailed knowledge of the mobile developer market I
source the correct technology partner(s) and project manage the product delivery from start to finish.

Please click here if you want to read more detail about mobile social media tools and the power the can have in your business and personal life.

Here is a few bullet points on what I have been involved with these past 8 years:

•    Worked for Vodafone Australia (2000 – 2005) exclusively in the content & application niche.
•    Conceptualize & Launched: Olympics results SMS service – 900,000 Text in 2 weeks. (Sept
•    Ring tones & logo service (2001)
•    Sports text alerts service for Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, NRL& AFL (2001)
•    Chit Chat text SMS service (2001)
•    Tell Me Now SMS service – On demand text content information (2001)
•    Text Mobile Games service (2001)
•    Text competition called Vodafone Survivor Trivia
•    Expert Pix Text/WAP/HTML – 7 celebrity sports content writers (2001)
•    Created & launched premium Text product – for 3 years
•    Retail revenue was AU $45M in 2004 – 2005 & AU $90M in 2005
•    Consulted to 3 Australian businesses to open their mobile businesses in the US
•    Launched TribalG into the US market in 2008