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Planet Funk sees 377 % ROI from mobile coupons

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

What a great example of how a clothes retailer can battle and win in the current economy using text messaging and mobile coupons

Planet Funk, a retailer of hip clothing from brands such as True Religion, Frankie B, Marc Ecko, Brad Butter, Ed Hardy and Betsey Johnson.

Amazingly they saw a 91% redemption rate on the coupons with 20% of revenue for the month of December being generated from almost 2,000 coupons that were generated and sent as a text message.

This was a great campaign as they kept it simple to opt in via text keyword, promoted it well in all locations and had a great offer to draw customer into the store. The other benefit which I believe is even bigger is they have 2000 customers mobilenumbers who they know are interested in their offers and 91% of them are buying customers…so I am sure we will see further campaigns from Planet Funk.

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