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Blackberry to launch App Store on April 1st?

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

So rumor has it that the CEO of RIM (who produce and distribute the various Blackberry devices) is going to unvail their new app store on April 1st at CTIA?

April fools joke?…I don’t think so as I am sure the various RIM shareholders can’t wait to follow in the footsteps of the Apples iphone app store and launch their own ‘cash cow’ business!

Have a look at the linked article below which talks about the challenge the iphone will now have to take more seriously from the likes of RIM, Microsoft and Nokia.

Personally I am not sure how much difference an app store makes to a lot of people in terms of whether they will change their manufacturer (and often carrier by default). I have spoken to a lot of friends who are either iphone or Blackberry users and both would rather stick with what they ‘love’ than switch for what they justify are gimmicky features on the other phone…but secretly can’t wait for them to arrive on their own device!

The initial winner from all this should be the developers. For years they have had to struggle along with thousands of handsets with different technical requirements whether it be apps or indeed browsing mobile Internet which is also rising dramatically in line with app downloads (93% of UK users used media on their phones in Jan!). Coupled with the arrogance and stranglehold by the carriers made it a very tough environment to get a critical mass of users to adopt and use their apps or mobile sites.

However its not all rosy as iphone developers are now finding, the call ‘Build it and they will come’ isn’t necessarily true…they may come but will they find the app in the ever growing directory of apps!

This gives rise to the marketing community to step in and take control on how the average man in the street will discover, download and interact with a mobile app or mobile site. The internet marketing world is starting to sniff the opportunity and its only a matter of time until they apply the same online marketing skills to the mobile world. If you are an mobile app developer you should be looking for an internet partner ASAP!!

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