Why Mobile Communities?

Mobile Marketing is without doubt becoming one of the fastest growing marketing vehicles in the world today. Its ability to allow customers to easily, immediately and conveniently interact with a company’s brand provides the brand or marketer with a powerful medium to engage and grow it’s consumer audience.

This can be powerful in stimulating a consumer to interact with a brand immediately but often it is a single interaction with limited brand recall and no long term enjoyment to the consumer. As a result the brand learns very little from this consumer interaction with minimal understanding of what the consumer wants!

I am focused on the next phase of Mobile Marketing which is the opportunity to bring a brand to the heart of it’s consumer on a daily basis by using the power of mobile communities.

Consumers are spending more and more time engaged in online communities that have been created through social networks with similar interests, needs and lifestyles. The power of these communities is their relevance of the content and other users to each individual and this provides a commercial environment for highly targeted and relevant brand marketing activity.

At the same time, social networking and the mobile phone are personal and convenient to the user, they are both where people spend their time and this presents massive opportunities for companies to deliver their information/brand to an engaged and passionate audience as well as being able to interact with (and observe) their consumers at a deeper level.

Mobile social media enables prolonged & repeated interaction (multiple times a day) and engagement with consumers providing deeper insights into their lifestyles, preferences and behaviors…and because it’s mobile, brands can reach their audience anywhere, anytime and immediately!

So what can a mobile community do for your business?

•    Be on the cutting edge of marketing – This will be the future of Social media and why online social media sites like Facebook, My Space, You Tube etc are spending millions of $$ and effort to build mobile media sites for their brands.

•    Ultimate lead generation device – Your customers can join your mobile community anywhere they have access to their mobile phone and by simply and quickly sending a text message.

•    User profiles that you own! – Yes when you build you your own branded mobile community, all the user profiles, habits and trends are yours and the profiles continue to be updated as customers use and interact with the community every day.

•    Capture immediate customer feedback – Bi directional communication channel so your customers can share their thoughts, ideas and frustrations with you.

•    Real-time publishing to you clients – Deliver real time & relevant information to your customers using SMS and WAP in a text, photo or video format.

•    Let your customers publish their own content– People like to see who & what other people are doing so a mobile community allows for a general sharing, viewing and rating of other member’s opinions, images & videos.

•    Fun & Productive for user – You mobile community will be your customers No 1 mobile destination through fun activity like content download, competitions, polls etc as well as bringing the rest of their lives to this single mobile space by integrating their other social networking profiles.

•    Offer rewards & build strong customer loyalty – You can reward each user for their level of participation and interaction in the community so they feel valued and remain passionately loyal to your brand.

•    Build your own media channel – Building your own mobile community enables you to launch a new media channel which allows you to publish the ‘news’, capture all user feedback and monetize if desired.

•    Monetize our community – Offering a valuable and thriving community to your users provides multiple opportunities to generate revenue for your business though both mobile ads, users pays or more commonly a hybrid of these two.

If you are interested in Mobile marketing or have even launched a few campaigns and your are not connecting them to a mobile community as part of the campaign, then you are missing out on 80% of the opportunity to integrate into your customers lives and minds…and all with their very willing agreement.

I am passionate about integrating Mobile Social Media into every business so if you have any questions or would like to know how it can work for your business then just shoot me an E-Mail at marty@wirelesswarriorblog.com and I can provide you with more detail.